The Songs of Randy Newman, as Sung by His Fans*

Mama Tole Me Not To Sing
Little Criminals Records #LCD-1143
Released in June 1999

  • Mama Told Me Not To Come – Jim Morin
  • Rosemary – Emory Joseph aka Derek Sorrentino
  • Texas Girl At The Funeral Of Her Father – Steve Bauer
  • Falling In Love – John Betley
  • God’s Song – Joan Manners
  • Last Night I Had A Dream – No’am Newman
  • Beat Me Baby – Jim Coan
  • Bad News From Home – Kymm Zuckert
  • Marie – Jeroen Smeets
  • Political Science – James Foley
  • Have You Seen My Baby – Eric Damianos
  • Have You Seen My Baby – Martin Wieandt
  • Nobody Needs Your Love More Than I Do – Graham Stephen
  • William Brown – Gary Norris
  • Feels Like Home – Kymm Zuckert
  • Follow The Flag – Ivan Smason
  • Simon Smith And The Amazing Dancing Bear – Bruno Coon
  • Sail Away – Steve Bauer
  • Rollin’ – Jeroen Smeets
  • Living Without You – Alistair Kerr
  • Louisiana 1927 – James Foley
  • There’s A Party At My House – Joan Manners
  • Real Emotional Girl – Dan Bryk
  • Lover’s Prayer – Jim Morin
  • That’ll Do – Randy Newman

Produced by Joan Manners, who adds …
“The participants were all fans, almost all amateurs, so the quality of the recordings and performances is quite divergent. But it’s noteworthy for Randy Newman fans because Randy contributed an unreleased track to the project — his demo of “That’ll Do,” his Oscar-nominated song from “Babe, Pig In The City.” (Pretty cool, huh?!)”

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