WNYC’s Susan Morrison interviewed Randy
The April 1, 2016 edition of the New Yorker Radio Hour features Susan Morrison interviewing Randy.
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Vanity Fair: “How Randy Newman and His Family Have Shaped Movie Music for Generations”
“Sure, you know of the Oscar-winning composer behind Toy Story and his endearingly offbeat songwriting, but Newman, 72, is also the patriarch of a [...]
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“Randy Newman: Still Biting Still Brilliant” — Spiked’s short overview of Randy’s history, triggered by Randy’s 2015 [...]
Chabon Newman Gerson UPMG
Universal Music Publishing’s Storytellers performance and interview, Oct 2015
At Capitol Studios legendary Studios A&B in Hollywood, Universal Music Publishing Group hosted a private Storytellers event and an intimate performance [...]
Randy Newman, the album
“Randy Newman” (the album) is inducted into the GRAMMY Hall of Fame
“Continuing the tradition of preserving and celebrating timeless recordings, The Recording Academy® has announced the newest additions to its vaunted [...]
Stephen Colbert and Randy Newman, 2014-12-18
The Colbert Report finale, December 18, 2014
Randy accompanied a star-studded cast of (seeming) thousands when the Colbert Report signed off on December 18, 2014. The song is “We’ll Meet [...]
Randy played the Devil in NYC’s “Faust” concert on July 1, 2014
Randy Newman lead a one-night-only performance of his famed 1995 musical “Faust” in concert at New York City Center on July 1, 2014, as part of [...]
Randy and Elvis Costello
Randy honored by PEN New England on Monday, June 2, 2014
Randy, “whose 40-year career has included a few improbable hits (‘Short People’ and ‘I Love L.A.’), two Academy Awards (and [...]
Randy at the Library of Congress
Randy played in the Library of Congress Gershwin Room
During a visit to The Library of Congress, Randy Newman was given the opportunity to play George Gershwin’s piano. “Outdoors but Not the Red River Valley” [...]
Peter Gabriel and Randy
Randy sings “Big Time” on Peter Gabriel’s “And I’ll Scratch Yours”
“And I’ll Scratch Yours” is the “companion to the critically acclaimed Scratch My Back and the concluding part of a series of song [...]